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Why mini steps are the key to your dreams

What is your true dream?

It’s wonderful to dream. Not just any dream, but a vision for your life purpose. Close your eyes and step into it. Imagine it happening right now. What can you see, hear, feel? Taking time to connect with your dreams is the first step toward making them real. Do it often. Keep your vision in focus and let it motivate you to take action.

Stepping into your dreams can lift you up, even on the toughest day.

Don’t be discouraged if your desires seem far away. Commit, instead, to taking a small step toward them today. If you have a plan, great. Do the next thing on it. Have no plan? Make that your next action or do what feels right.

Could you take ten minutes toward developing a creative skill? Could you write 100 words of a book today? Could you commit daily to a dream business, project or initiative?

Regular mini steps are more powerful than sporadic leaps. They create momentum.

Make appointments for your dreams in your diary or on your calendar. Give them the same importance you would a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. It’s just as important to turn up for yourself as it is to turn up for others. Don’t let yourself down. You matter.

Make time for your dreams and they will accelerate toward you.

About Loretta Milan

Loretta Milan is a certified coach, international speaker and founder of Original Life. She's on a mission to inspire everyone to create the life they love and make their dreams happen. She loves stationery, travel and tea.


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