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Get ready to end the year on a high

When goals and resolutions are set at the beginning of the year, the world glitters with optimism. Twelve whole months lie ahead. Anything is possible.

If those months have been going well for you, that’s fantastic, keep going!

But, if life hasn’t been going according to plan, don’t give up on the year. And, don’t beat yourself up. Learn from what happened, give yourself an inner hug and give yourself permission to move on. There are still a few weeks left. Make the most of them.

Pick one or more of these six things to end your year on a high.

1. Do one great thing 

Rather than cram lots of activity into the next few weeks in the hope of catching up with where you wish you could be, choose one single thing that will have the greatest impact and meaning for you. If you set goals earlier in the year, look at them now. Pick one to put your energy into. Alternatively, create a new, achievable goal.

Alternatively, you could commit to elevating your mindset. For example, if you want to increase your confidence, challenge yourself to do something that gets you out there. Reach out to that person you’ve always wanted to meet. Stand up and ace that presentation. Speak up in that meeting. Get your voice on social media.

Doing this will boost your self belief because you’ll prove to yourself you can do it!

2. Commit to mini steps 

Why not break a big goal down into mini steps and make incremental progress instead? Regular mini steps can be more powerful than great leaps and are easier to build into your routine. 

Grab your notebook and write down ideas for things you could do in 15 minutes a day.

Could you write a few paragraphs of that book you’ve been thinking about? Could you make a couple of calls to try and win new business ready for the New Year? Could you do 15 minutes of yoga or meditation to enhance your wellbeing?

Make your selection and commit to taking mini steps forward daily.

3. Adopt a positive habit 

Rather than wait for the New Year when most people list so many resolutions that they set themselves up to fail, commit to introducing a single positive habit now and prove to yourself that you can enhance your life when you focus on one improvement at a time.

Dedicating yourself to one habit until you’ve mastered it gives you focus and you’re more likely to succeed than if you’re trying to juggle multiple tweaks to your lifestyle. 

Reinforce this habit as often as you can – ideally daily – and, by the time you get to the New Year, you’ll not only have given yourself a head start, but you’ll have given yourself a strong foundation for success.

4. Clear the way

You could use the next few weeks to clear the way for your dreams in the New Year. 

Could you sort those documents that have been piling up on your desk and turn it into an inspiring space that will motivate you to work on your goals?

Maybe you could tie up things you’ve committed to throughout this year – deciding what you will stop, start and continue doing – so your schedule is cleared to work on your goals.

You could also journal to help clear your mind. Explore what you’ve learned during the year, identify what you need to let go, what you’re grateful for, what you’ve loved and what you want to take into the New Year. 

5. Plan ahead

Rather than wait for the New Year to set your goals and plan, could you use the next few weeks to do this? Then, when January comes, you’ll be ready to take action right away.

A great way to start is to create a vision board that brings your dreams to life. If you’ve created one already, now’s a good time to revisit it and ensure it still reflects your desires. If not, treat it to a little makeover. Really feel into your vision, like it’s happening right now.

Then, use these goal-setting tips to decide how best to journey toward your vision during the next year. Maximise your enjoyment and fulfilment by not just setting great goals around your purpose and your wealth but your wellbeing and relationships too.

Once you’re clear on your goals, use these 10 tips to plan for success.

6. Give yourself some love

Many people put their wellbeing on pause in the run up to the New Year because it’s the season of indulgence. This is because, too often, people think focusing on wellbeing means missing out. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Think instead about simple tweaks you can make that make you feel good.

Could you commit to a daily walk, stretch or meditation? Could you experiment with two healthy (but delicious) recipes a week? How about regular bubble baths or having more early nights now it’s getting darker in the evenings?

Take time to appreciate yourself and what you have in your life, no matter how big or small. Gratitude boosts mental wellbeing and can bring wonderful things into your life.

Why not treat yourself to one of our Life Planners to help you make the best end to this year? They’re undated so you can start using yours right away!

About Loretta Milan

Loretta Milan is a certified coach, international speaker and founder of Original Life. She's on a mission to inspire everyone to create the life they love and make their dreams happen. She loves stationery, travel and tea.


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