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A vision for your writing

What’s your writing dream?

Whether it’s to finish a book, publish it, see it in a particular shop or in the hands of readers, a writer’s vision board could help you make it come true.

Visualisation is a vital part of the writing process too. To bring your characters to life for readers takes visualisation, as does setting scenes or describing fictional worlds. 

Conjuring up images of how you want your writing journey to unfold is just as powerful. 

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of the things you want to be, do, or have in your life and is a visual reminder that anything is possible. 

Creating a board improves your ability to meet your goals. When you can see your goals, you are more likely to take the steps required to get there. You’re also likely to begin attracting opportunities, situations and people who will help your dream materialise. 

Begin with a question

Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve this year? 

Here are some ideas:

Create your board

First, get together everything you need for your board:

Choose images that relate to your writing goals, make you smile, or words/quotes that resonate. Be open to whatever calls to you. Creating a board allows our subconscious thoughts to surface and our deepest desires to bubble up. 

When you see the pictures you like, rip them out and put them to one side. Collect a pile of images first before doing anything else. Take your time at this stage. Go through as many magazines as you can. You’ll know when you have enough.

You can collect other things too. You might want to print off the logo of the publisher you hope to sign with or images of bookshops where you’d like to see your books. 

Begin to lay the images on your board, but DON’T stick them down yet. Play around with the placement. If you have more than one writing goal (eg short story competitions and book publication), you could have a section of your board dedicated to each one.

When you’ve played around with the layout and are happy, you can start to glue it all down. Don’t be surprised to find that you begin to discard some images. 

A bonus idea 

In addition to using a vision board for you dreams, you can also use the same techniques to create a book board. 

Collect images of the people and places that represent your novel and follow the practical exercise above. I do this for every novel I write. It helps me stay focused on my writing project and keeps my characters’ image sharp in my mind.

Remember, you are original 

Your vision board will be unique to YOU. No two boards are the same, and yet all boards generally have three key factors. They are:

  1. Emotional – everything you put on your board should evoke a positive feeling.
  2. Visual – whether you use images or words, make your board as aesthetically pleasing to your eyes as you can.
  3. Activated – make sure your board is placed in a prominent position.

Thoughts become things

After your board is complete, it’s worth spending some time in reflection. Everything can suddenly become clear when you step back and take in your finished creation. 

You might find you’ve added more images that reflect an alternative genre to the one you thought you wanted to write. There might be an abundance of motivational quotes because deep down, you know you need that push. Have you chosen images with more than one person in them? It could mean you would benefit from having an accountability partner. 

Position your board where you see it every day (home or office) and regularly look at your images. The more you see these pictures, the more your brain starts thinking about making your dreams come true. Thought’s become things.

About Shelley Wilson

Shelley Wilson is a British, genre-straddling author of sixteen books including motivational self-help books and young adult fantasy fiction. She has a crazy black cat called Luna and is obsessed with vampires, Tudor and Viking history as well as exploring castles


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