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Boost your writing energy

For many, autumn brings to mind new beginnings. 

Memories of new school years and associations with new subjects, new books – maybe even a new uniform and a new school – can create a feeling of starting afresh. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into that feeling of resetting your life and starting anew whenever you wanted?

The good news is you can and doing so could help your writing. 

How is your energy?

Energy can be a key factor influencing mental state. If you lack energy, you may feel lethargic and unable to motivate yourself to write. Having too much energy, however, can make you agitated and unable to settle into the task ahead. 

Take a moment to check your energy levels. How do you feel? 

If your energy is out of balance, one of the simplest ways to reset it is through your posture. Well-worn phrases such as ‘my heart lifted’ or ‘my stomach sank’ are clichés to avoid in writing but they demonstrate that posture has a direct impact on how we feel. 

Assuming you don’t have any underlying health issues, you can shift your mental state by changing your posture and set yourself up for a good writing day. 

There are two, simple techniques you can use to balance your energy and each requires just a few minutes to complete.

If you have any health concerns or you are unsure if the exercises are suitable for you, however, do check with a medical professional before having a go. 

Boost your energy

If your energy levels need a boost, The Shimmy is for you.

Enjoy the sense of renewed energy as you get going with your writing.

Calm your energy 

Sometimes, rather than increasing energy levels, you may need to calm and ground. Do this with The Curl. It’s the opposite of ‘heart lifting’ and should make you feel relaxed.

Notice how much calmer and more relaxed you feel – ready to settle down and tackle your latest writing project.

With these two easy techniques, you can reset your energy levels to the optimum whenever you want to write or focus. Write well!

About Kim Gravell

When not promoting personal wellbeing, Kim Gravell writes fantasy. Her published works include two novels and several short stories.


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