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Start your day positively

Start your day positively

Have you ever begun your day in a rush? Maybe you wake late or have too much to do in too little time. Time is against you and you spend the rest of your day playing catch-up. By the evening, despite being so busy, there are still things you haven’t done.

An extra hour in the day would make such a difference, right?

Unfortunately, we can’t manipulate time but there is a solution…

A great morning routine.

The way you start your day can have a powerful effect on all the hours that follow. Finding a morning routine that works for you will help you feel in control of the rest of your day. Not only can it help things run more smoothly but you should feel better too.

Five benefits of a morning routine

  1. Boost your energy – Whether or not your morning routine includes physical exercise, starting in a meaningful way will give your physical and mental energy levels a boost.
  2. Increase productivity – Having a morning routine allows you to start the day with a focused mindset. You will naturally want to continue this way and will be on the lookout for ways to be more productive throughout the day.
  3. Lower stress – Having a routine will help to alleviate the pressure of playing catch-up and your stress levels will reduce as you begin to feel in control.
  4. Build self-confidence – Having a plan for how your day will start and seeing it come to fruition will help to build your self-esteem and promote a ‘can-do’ attitude. You’ll see yourself more positively, increasing your self-confidence.
  5. Develop healthy habits – Having a morning routine can be the starting point for creating more healthy habits. Once you experience the benefits, you’ll want to address other habits and keep enhancing your life.

Ideas for your morning routine

  1. What are your greatest time zappers? – When you know what these are, you can choose to eliminate them from your morning. The three most common time zappers are scrolling through social media, hitting the snooze button and procrastinating. Notice what you do, write down your time zappers and address them.
  2. What are your intentions? – Once you’ve decided what you want to achieve from your morning routine, start preparing for it the night before. If you’ve committed to exercising, get your fitness gear out ready. If it’s journaling or meditating, have your notebook or meditation app beside your bed. If it’s leaving the house by a particular time, lay out your outfit and breakfast things, prepare a packed lunch then set your alarm. Like baking a cake; have all the ingredients ready and follow your process.
  3. Keep it simple – Your morning routine should help to make your days run smoothly. Have one main goal and have as few steps as possible to achieve it.
  4. Keep a tracker – A tracker can help keep you accountable. For my morning routine, I keep a small card by my bed. On it, I’ve written the five things I need to do to get me in the right mindset and mentally tick them off as they’re completed. Decide what’s important to you, write it down and use your card to keep your promises.

Be prepared to experiment. Your morning routine needs to work for you and your lifestyle. If something doesn’t work, make changes but don’t give up. It will transform your days.

About Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor loves helping women put themselves on their to-do list. Using her therapy and listening skills, she provides treatments and practical advice to help bring balance and harmony into your life. Sharon loves meditating, trying new crafts and afternoon teas.


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