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Set goals that make your dreams happen

Without goals, dreams remain wishes

Goals that you are truly committed to are more than aims. They are promises.

Deep inside you must believe in your goals and why they are important. This will ensure you have all the energy you need to make them happen. It will help you push through when there are challenges and take pride in every step of progress.

To set goals that make your dreams happen, you need to do three things.

1. Focus you lens

Goals can be set at several levels. Long-term goals (covering five to ten years) give you direction and shorter-term goals give you focus. You need both to make your dreams happen.

2. Be specific

Whether setting long or short-term goals, look at your vision board and ask yourself:

The more specific you can be, the greater your focus. Picture it happening. Believe you can do it.

3. Ensure balance

Try not to set goals for just one aspect of your life is likely to get out of balance and it will be hard to feel truly happy and fulfilled even when you achieve them. To live your original life, one that you truly love, create balance. The Original Life Star is a great way to see where you are now and where you need to balance your goals.

For the period you are setting goals, think about:

Use the goals pages in your Life Planner or draw the boxes below into your notebook and start setting goals that will take you to where you want to be in a way that works for your life.

About Loretta Milan

Loretta Milan is a certified coach, international speaker and founder of Original Life. She's on a mission to inspire everyone to create the life they love and make their dreams happen. She loves stationery, travel and tea.


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