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We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. This page explains how we may collect personal information and how we may use and protect it in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who are we?

Lightbox Originals is an online magazine that shares inspiration for living a fulfilling writing life, advice for honing the craft, encouragement and opportunities for writers.

The magazine was founded by and is managed by Loretta Milan. It is funded by Milan Creative Ltd, Company No: 9319343, Registered office: The Grange, Grange Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 3HA.

What personal data do we collect about you and from where?

How and why do we use your personal data?

How long do we keep your personal data?

Do we share your personal data with anyone?

What happens if you do not provide us with the information we request or ask that we stop processing your information?

Do we make automated decisions concerning you?

No, we do not do this.

Do we use cookies to collect personal data about you?

We use cookies to ensure we provide visitors with the best experience of using our site as aggregated, anonymous statistics help us make editorial decisions. For example, statistics showed us that our lists of writing opportunities were really popular so we decided to publish more of them.

What rights do you have in relation to the data we hold about you?

By law, you have a number of rights when it comes to your personal data. Further information and advice about your rights can be obtained from the data protection regulator in your country.

How will we contact you?

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions about how we handle data or have concerns about how we’ve handled your information, please contact us here.

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