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The power of words

Words are powerful.

They don’t just have meaning but feeling too. 

Used well, they can be encouraging, motivating, inspirational. Used badly, they can be destructive, create divides, incite anger and hate. 

Words have an impact on everyone we talk to but can have an even greater effect on ourselves because the voice inside can be louder than any other. Do you have a critic lurking in your mind? Do you find yourself putting yourself down, telling yourself that your dreams aren’t possible or you don’t deserve them? 

Challenge this voice. Would you say unkind things to a dear friend or family member? Take equal care over how you talk to yourself, especially when it comes to your creative work.

Being creative involves being vulnerable. You pour your heart, mind and soul into what you create then, when you put it out there, you open it up to the interpretation of others. Although it can be useful to consider how others may experience your work, it’s important to create something you love and that gives you pride no matter what others say.  

Will every creation be perfect? No. There will be wrong turns, wasted time, projects that don’t go anywhere. Does this mean you are not good enough? Not at all. Creativity is a journey with no map. Messing up simply means you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and growing. Picasso didn’t come out of the womb and start creating masterpieces the moment he took his first breath. He grew to master his art

So, be kind to yourself. Counter your inner critic with an inner cheerleader. 

Choose a powerful word or phrase that will anchor you when you lose your balance, one that reminds you why you create, that you are meant for this. 

Draw, paint or print it out. Keep it with you when you work. 

And, as often as you can, use your creative gifts to spread a little kindness. 

‘Kindness in words creates confidence.’ 

― Lao Tzu
About Loretta Milan

Founder and Commissioning Editor of Original Life. We're on a mission to get everyone embracing their original selves. Everyone has creative magic in them. When I'm not writing, you'll find me enjoying books, tea, travel and art.


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