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Original Life Planner how to use your planner

Your Life Planner is the perfect place to begin creating a life you love.

It’ll give you clarity around what it is you truly want and you’ll be able to map out all the things you need to do to make it happen.

1. Be clear on your goals

Take time to work through the pages at the beginning of your Life Planner. They will help you create a vision for the life you desire and decide what’s important as well as set goals that will motivate and focus your energies.

You may want to write your plans in pencil because, as you journey toward your dreams, you may get greater clarity around what you need to do or may get fresh ideas that you want to build in.

Use these tips for planning your journey ahead.

2. Know where you are

Use the Original Life Star to take a holistic view of your life.

Knowing where you are now lets you celebrate what you love about your life as well as where you need to spend more time and make improvements. Look back at your star from time to time to see how you’re progressing. It’ll let you know when you’re on track and when you need to take action to maintain the balance you desire.

See how to use your Original Life star to find fulfilment.

3. Set weekly intentions

You’ll find space at the start of every week to write down your priority actions to help you focus your energies and make regular progress toward your goals.

Being really clear on what you want to achieve, and having it written down as a reminder, stops your desires being drowned out by other people’s deadlines and demands.

Each week, aim to set one top goal for your wellbeing, purpose, relationships and wealth. Try to do this ahead of time, for example on a Friday afternoon or Sunday evening, so you’ll enter the coming week with complete clarity.

Try these tips for setting great goals.

4. Design your days

A daily habit of designing your days is a powerful one. Every time you design your day, you empower yourself to live purposefully and make time for your dreams. You ensure your goals don’t get forgotten in the busyness of life.

Small, regular steps add up quickly. They have a greater impact than sporadic leaps.

Try to plan each day the afternoon or evening before so it’s ready for you the moment you wake. Alternatively, make it your first task in the morning. All it takes is 5 minutes.

  1. Start authentically – Begin by committing to how you will be originally you – your authentic self. You could, for example, promise you’ll speak up in meetings, wear something you love, be honest with others or say ‘no’ when you need to. Pick one thing each day. Do this regularly and your will form positive habits.
  2. Set personal goals – Agree up to three top goals with yourself. These should be personal goals, not things you’ve committed to others. This will help you prioritise your needs so that you will find time for what matters. It doesn’t mean shirking important responsibilities but rather ensuring your needs never get lost or forgotten.
  3. Acknowledge key tasks – Note any other important things. These could be appointments, key tasks, commitments and promises. If you find these things regularly take over your personal goals, use these tips on how to prioritise when everything is important.

Throughout your day, check in with you planner to see how you’re getting on.

Allow your planner to remind you what’s important. Every action counts.

5. Reflect regularly

Every day, take a few minutes to reflect. It will help you end your day positively.

  1. Learn – Write down the day’s most important lesson. Take a few moments to reflect and let it sink in. Every lesson helps you grow so thank yourself for every one that you experience.
  2. Let go – Write down one experience or emotion you want to release or person you want to forgive. Take a deep breath and, as you breathe out, let it leave your body and float away. The past has gone now. There’s nothing you can do but learn from the experience and move forward. Allow yourself to be free.
  3. Love – Write down one thing that you are grateful for, something you’d like to celebrate or a loving word for yourself. Taking a moment for gratitude every day brings good vibes, enhances your wellbeing and shifts your world into perspective. If you’ve had a success, no matter how big or small, do something to celebrate!

The daily reflection section is designed to be completed within 5 minutes to enable you to build a positive habit you can commit to every day.

Some days, you may want to spend longer in reflection, particularly if the day has been unusual or intense. Treat yourself to a notebook and let it be a haven for your thoughts.

Finally, if there’s something important you need to remember for the next day, write it down so you don’t forget. That way, you can head into sleep, free of the pressure to remember, knowing it’s safely captured on the page. You can also use the ‘Thought for Tomorrow’ box to capture a positive thought you want to wake to.

Every time you design your time, you step closer to your dreams.

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