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Technology has opened up our world, creating new opportunities and helping people connect. The problem is, it has a habit of taking over.

To reach our creative potential, our minds need to be free of distractions and to connect with what’s in our hearts rather than what will get attention.

That’s why when I was told, a few days ago, that I’d need to be without my computer for a day so it could have some first aid, I felt delighted.

I couldn’t take the day off — there was too much to be done — but I made calls rather than send emails, enjoying meaningful connections rather than rushed exchanges. Every piece of work also had to be done by hand. It took longer but I found myself being more mindful, paying attention to each and every word, thinking more deeply. 

The best thing was how my imagination took itself to another level, throwing out a kaleidoscope of ideas. I enjoyed the freedom of being able to connect and expand upon my thoughts in a way that’s tricky on screen. 

Whenever you need ideas, give technology a break, open a fresh page and touch your pen to the surface. Let go of perfection and linear lines.

Free your mind to play!

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