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A few days ago, I pulled a tendon in my wrist while walking one of my dogs. Another pooch surprised him and he jerked toward it like a 4×4. Max has not long graduated from being a puppy and often forgets that, if he’s on the lead, we have to greet canine friends together if we want to play.  

I’m fortunate to be semi-ambidextrous thanks to years training as a pianist but my left hand remains much slower than my right when handling a fountain pen or typing.  

Because I am forced to write much slower, every word requiring more effort, I have to give each one greater thought. So long as I rest my right hand while I write, and am therefore in no pain, I experience a wonderful sense of mindfulness as I form words on the page. 

We experience mindfulness whenever we are fully present in the moment, for example by paying attention to each breath when meditating or focusing on each step while walking in nature.

Mindful writing involves being fully present with every word. 

Being present when you write enables you to bring together your inner and outer worlds, to embrace life as an ‘interbeing’ (a powerful concept identified by Thich Nhat Hanh) which involves bringing all that we are, all that we have experienced, have thought, felt and read, to the page as one. 

We don’t just write, we live words in the moment. We write who we are.

Six ways to write mindfully

There are lots of ways to write mindfully without hurting your wrist (which, of course, I wouldn’t recommend). You could:

Be present as you write today. Experience the wonder of every word. 

‘Our own life has to be our message.’

Thich Nhat Hanh
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