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A letter to desire

Just like love, everything you crave starts with desire.

Imagine a love story like Romeo and Juliet. Their desire and need for each other so searing and consuming that, in the end, unable to be together, they decide to die in each other’s arms.

Have you really thought about what you desire most in life?

Desiring something bad enough drives you to the point of making sure things happen the way you want. It takes desire to turn dreams into reality.

Peace begins with desire. Peace appeases the heart, mind, body and soul. Every person living on this planet should have the desire to live peaceful lives. There is no end to disruption when peace is destroyed and history is testament to that. How beautiful to see the world where peace reigns in every heart. You see harmony in the stillness of its quiet.

An intense desire to find out what mattered most in life to me led to me pursuing relentlessly a quest for learning and immersing myself in the writing world.

I soon discovered writing to be a passion, a dream I had totally overlooked until it was brought back into my life because of a tragic circumstance, that of a loved one. Writing has turned out to be one of the most rewarding endeavors that I’ve ever embarked upon. It has kept me alive and rational during some of the darkest moments in my life.

It is quite surprising what you can articulate when you begin writing. The world is an oasis of information and can become your greatest collaborator. Even during times of chaos, there is hope to be found. I love to walk in nature and see it thriving in all its glory. 

Recently, I looked up at the sky and noticed how free the birds are. They have the whole sky to themselves. No restrictions. When we face the page, we too have an open sky in which to write. Even when solemn thoughts cloud our minds, words can lift our mood.

Recently, I thought about what I would say if I had to write a letter to myself. Would it start on an apologetic note or with an upbeat tone? What desires would I capture? What wisdom would I share? My thoughts became The Healing Riverbeds, a letter of sorts to the world.

Writing a letter to yourself gives you a window into your mind. You can explore your emotions, your thoughts and your desires. You can capture lessons from time that has passed and open your mind to the future. You may even discover a story among your words, one you have to share.

If you wrote a letter to yourself today, what would it say?

Featured Book: The Healing Riverbeds
by Shobana Gomes

The Healing Riverbeds raises pertinent questions about life, about nature and how Earth is now fighting back to redeem its lost inheritance. Ten year-old Sandra hopes for a free, stable world knowing how disruptive the it is at the moment. She is unable to complete a drawing she started, instead stating, ‘I will leave it ‘til the riverbeds heal, till its waters flow freely once again.’

Healing Riverbeds, Shobana Gomes
About Shobana Gomes

Shobana Gomes is a poet and published author. Her writings often portray her love for beauty and nature. She believes that life is a gift and advocates treasuring every moment. Her poetry can be found on simplyshobana.net.


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