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Journal for creativity

A journal is a gift for your creativity

We live in a digital world where our lives are filled with screens. Computers. Phones. Devices for everything. With notifications constantly pinging, apps that must have our attention, to-do list reminders, emails day and night, it can be hard to find peace.

Does technology affect your writing?

The constant call of technology can get in the way of writing. It can make it hard to concentrate and, with all this mind baggage, words don’t get the needed attention. We’re so used to multi-tasking using our devices that it gets difficult to focus on one thing. 

Technology can also creep into the writing process. The mediums of writing are often computers and tablets with apps for all manner of creative tasks. Sometimes, though, these well-intended innovations dilute creativity. That’s because a technology driven world gets in the way of consciousness.

Our minds can rush to capture things before they’re experienced.

Computers have made editing really convenient. No longer do we have to redraft whole pages when there is a mistake or a change of heart around the words. We can hit delete within a second, rewrite whole sections in just a few minutes. 

This is handy, but there is a problem. It encourages us to edit as we go. Editing while writing can make it hard for words to form, causing block, because we obsess over perfection. It can also jumble thoughts, tinkering with the flow of words.

All this can cause us to lose enjoyment in the process of creating.

Free your imagination 

If you find yourself blocked, lacking passion or losing hope in your words, it’s time to turn to an ‘old school’ journal. Shrug off your fears and enjoy this canvas for creativity. 

Try to set aside 30-minutes a day for scribbling whatever thoughts and emotions you encounter beyond thoughts of publishing it. Let go of self-judgments. Don’t worry if your mind has questions and no answers. You can flush these out. If there’s no clarity but a void, don’t fret. You’ll still be discharging the rawness you feel about it. 

Give concerns around grammar, style and structure a rest for a while. Instead, vent out vulnerable expressions of originality by surrendering your ego to consciousness.

As you scribble, you may feel a little tide of contentment gently hitting the shores of awareness as your words flow at a slow but consistent pace.

Allow yourself to enjoy this writing space. 

Reconnect with life. Reconnect with your imagination. 

Slow down

We’re always rushing through life and, by setting aside time to journal, you’re giving yourself permission to slow down for a while. 

You can go at the pace of your imagination rather than at the pace of your schedule or a deadline, which should give you the space you need to find clarity. 

Eventually, you should find your words flowing from a deeper consciousness, beyond the intellectual concepts of the mind.

The best thing about journal writing is that there is no backspace to renovate past words. It forces you to write in the present moment and let words flow through your instincts. 

Mostly important, journaling tunes the lost frequency to happiness.

Open up a new page, hold you pen above it and let your words burst free. 

About Amanpreet Singh

Amanpreet Singh blogs at Happy Realization where he loves to express his vulnerable thoughts and emotions. His pieces are sometimes a vent out of an experience and, other times, an effort to connect soulfully with those on the same journey.


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