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The Life Planner is the secret to creating a life you love and making your dreams happen. With a variety of beautiful designs and colours to choose from, and personalisation included in the price, your planner will be as original as you.

Begin any time of year and enjoy a six-month experience created by a certified coach.

In five simple steps, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

The five-step system

Step 1: Design your dream life

The key to creating a life you love is knowing what you truly want.

When you open your Life Planner, you’ll be guided through a number of coaching pages designed to help you get clear on exactly what you desire. Stop living life based other people’s expectations/ideas of success and start designing the life of your dreams.

Step 2: Prepare the way

Great preparation dramatically increases your potential for success.

So, before you begin one of the greatest adventures of your life – the journey to your dreams – your Life Planner will help you prepare the way. Using the Life StarTM method, you’ll assess the balance of your whole life now and identify priority areas for growth.

You’ll let go of the things that are holding you back, strip out the things that you no longer need and create more space in your life for doing what you love.

Step 3: Plan your journey

A dream starts to become real the moment you set goals.

Your Life Planner will guide you through setting the best goals for you, encouraging you to live fully and maximise your happiness right from the start. You’ll set goals that will enhance your wellbeing so you’ll have the strongest foundation for success, give you a sense of purpose, nurture your relationships and maximise your wealth.

You’ll then plan out the key steps you need to take over the next six months.

Step 4: Make it happen

Designing your days will transform your life.

It’s so easy for life to become a cloud of busyness, with a never-ending to-do list that leaves little time for you. Life can be so much better. By designing each day using proven Time DesignTM techniques and getting clear on your personal priorities, you’ll be more intentional with your activities and there’ll be more time for what you love.

Spending just five minutes designing your day can save hours every week.

Step 5: Reflect and grow

You’ll close every day with a five-minute reflection, highlighting the most important thing you learned, what you can let go and, finally, what you loved most. This uplifting experience encourages you to regularly celebrate success and grow from life’s lessons.

Once a week, you’ll also check in with your Life StarTM, reviewing your wellbeing, purpose, relationships and wealth, so you can take steps to keep it beautifully balanced.

With your Life Planner, you’ll grow into your dream life faster than you could ever imagine.

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