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Thumbs up. High five. What are your hands saying today?

Our hands are made for expressing. We use them to gesture, to emphasise what we mean, to give directions, to show others the way. Hands can say so much.

My partner is particularly expressive and we often joke that his hands speak their own language. His gift was inherited from his father who fled across Europe to England during the second world war. English was his seventh language and his hands were his passport to a new life. Hands cross boundaries, open doors and connect us. 

When my partner and I travel and haven’t got the words to say what we mean, he gets out his hands and, within moments of his illustrations, people are nodding, their eyes lighting up with recognition, teaching us new phrases.

My partner and I often talk about his father, especially when we visit Poland, his birthplace. I wasn’t surprised to discover, years ago, that he was a terrific painter. He also had the most beautiful handwriting, his penmanship an art too. I’m sad that I never got to meet him. He passed long before my partner and I got together. But he’s left a legacy of stories.

Take inspiration from him today to express yourself with your hands.

You could have a great conversation or why not get making?

Bake a cake. Try chunky knitting. Paint that wall. Play some music, the ultimate in universal languages. Build a pot out of clay. Decorate pebbles with bright colours. Sow wildflowers.

Using our hands and making things boosts creativity and is immensely satisfying. Even if things don’t go quite right, your clay pot collapses, you play a wrong note or slip with a paintbrush, take the chance to have a good giggle and give it another go.

Make the most of your hands today. Let them be your guide.

About Loretta Milan

Loretta Milan is the founder of Original Life and is on a mission to inspire everyone to create the life they love and make their dreams happen. She loves books, stationery, travel and tea.


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