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One of the greatest sources of creative inspiration is life itself.

Each writer’s experience of the world makes each story unique. No one quite sees the world like you do and no one can reimagine things the way you can. 

While reading the wonderful stories submitted into our latest #100Words competition, over the weekend, we noticed many themes from the present day woven into the narratives.

Isolation and the experience of being locked down, of wanting to escape. Mystery over what is to come. Wistful moments, nostalgia, thoughts lingering over treasured memories. Longing for loved ones, reconciliation and family gatherings as they used to be. Heartbreak, loss and ghosts of the past. 

What struck us was, although many stories touched upon themes that are familiar at the moment, each was brought to life in an original way thanks to the unique experiences each writer has had, personal perceptions and the magic of their imaginations. 

Life flavours words and that’s why your voice matters.

No one but you can tell your story. 

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