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Create time for the things that matter

Find time for the things that matter

Wish you could find time for what you really want?

Life is full of demands. Work. Running a home. Caring for family. All your responsibilities can build up, creating feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Where is the time to get everything done?

There are lots of benefits to the way we live today. The digital age gives us easy access to vast amounts of information and entertainment – text messages, emails, gaming, countless mobile applications, online shopping, and much more. All available at the touch of a button.

Everything seems to be quicker and easier than ever.

However, this also means life can become too fast paced and demanding. With anyone able to access you at any time, with the constant ping of notifications, reminders and distractions, it can be increasingly difficult to switch off, both personally and professionally.

With schedules filled to the brim, it’s become tricky to find one of life’s most precious jewels. The jewel of time…time to simply ‘be’. But, it can be reclaimed.

Six ways to find time

  1. Cut back – Take a look at your schedule and ‘to do’ list then ask yourself ‘Do I really need to do all of this?’ Be honest with yourself and cut back on what you can.
  2. Say ‘no’ – Don’t feel pressured to say ‘yes’ to everything. You could make a commitment to yourself that, when you’re asked to do something, you’ll avoid making a decision on the spot. This allows you to reflect and decide, without pressure, whether it’s right for you. By saying ‘no’ more often to the demands of others, you’ll be saying ‘yes’ more often to yourself.
  3. Slow down – Does life always have to be high speed? Do you always have to be rushing? Prepare for each day the evening before. Allow yourself the right amount of time for what you need to do. Give yourself permission to slow down. Immerse yourself in your surroundings as you walk. Stop for a chat with a friend. Savour every mouthful of your dinner.
  4. Avoid mindless activities – When you have a free moment, do you turn straight to your phone and start checking your messages? Do you scroll through social media? Or watch TV mindlessly? Why not welcome the space and take a few breaths, meditate or stretch?
  5. Let go – Do you worry about things you can’t change or influence? Write a list of everything which is causing any amount of concern. Can you practise letting it go?
  6. Treasure the moment – Allow yourself time to simply ‘be’. Invest time in the people who truly matter – those you love and care about. Make time for self care to protect your health and long-term resilience. Don’t feel guilty about taking time for you. If people depend on you, it’s even more important to make sure you feel strong.

Finding time for you is important. Whether you use it to enjoy a walk in nature, dance in the kitchen, play games with children, meditate or complete a crossword, your time is yours to embrace.

Switching off from daily demands is essential to being productive and well.

Treasure your jewel of time and embrace what truly matters.

About Lorraine Checklin

Lorraine is a qualified mindfulness teacher and Mental Health First Aid instructor with a career background in HR. She specialises in providing individuals and organisations with support, coaching and training in reducing stress levels, boosting productivity and harnessing wellbeing.  


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