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We are all originals. Inside each and every one of us is treasure made of our unique experiences, desires and gifts. When we embrace our original selves and express who we truly are, magic happens. Creativity is in all of us. Maybe you write, paint or create music. Even if you have lost touch with your inner creative, you can rediscover it.

Creativity is not just craft although craft is wonderful. Creativity is a way of living. Whatever you dream of making, doing or being, or however you dream of living, creativity can get you there. Your dreams deserve imagination, focus and time.

But, don’t wait until you are ‘perfect’ or have realised your dreams to start living. Make the most of every day, take time for self care and enjoy yourself as often as you can.

Live your #OriginalLife every day.

We’re here to inspire you. You’ll find us in the heart of the English countryside where the air is full of creative magic which we sprinkle across our pages to create a wonderful place for you to discover your original self and the creative gold that is in you.

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